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The mother`s lament for her baby

DÁNTA DÚNTA le Mícheál Ó Coisdeala.

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This first poem was composed by 19th century Dundalk poet Nioclas Carney 1802-1874.
History records that as Cromwell`s army destroyed the town of Drogheda they seized a mother and her baby and tied the mother to a tree while they tossed the baby around on the tops of their pikes.-Just one small example of why it has taken 700 years to resolve the Irish conflict....Our people and our poets have long memories..

Cumha na Mathara fan Leanbh

Do cheangail siad le crann me
A leanabhain na gcraobh,
Ionas go bhfeicfinn d`anchruth
A leanabhain mo chleibh;
Bhi tu ar bharr an phice,
Is do chuala me do chaoineadh,
Is do reab sin mo chroise,
A leanabhain mo chleibh.

Bhi aoibh ort le do naimhde,
A leanabhain na gcraobh,
Bhi aoibh ort le do mhaithrin
A leanabhain mo chleibh;
Is cuimhne liom do ghaire,
Nuair a stiall siad om laimh thu,
D`ainneoin do gheal-chail-se,
A leanabhain mo chleibh.

Do chonacas do dhaorphian,
A leanabhain na gcraobh,
Is ni insim mo chian,
A leanabhain mo chleibh,
Ach do throid mise leo,
Is nior shuim leo mo bheo,
Thoghfainn bas ins an ghleo,
A leanabhain mo chleibh.

Nioclas o Cearnaigh 1802-1874


The mother`s lament for her baby

They tied me to a tree
my lovely baby,
to force me to watch your torture
my dear child;
You were on the pike top,
and I heard your screams
and my heart was torn in two,
my little darling.

You smiled at your enemies,
my lovely baby
You smiled at your mammy too
my dear child;
I remember your laugh ,
When thy took you from my arms,
despite our separation,
my little darling.

I saw your agony,
my lovely baby,
and words can`t describe my grief,
my dear child,
but I tried to fight them,
for my life meant nothing to them,
I would have died for you in battle,
my little darling.

English translation by Micheal MacCoisdeala 2002