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The Gordons of Stoneyford,Co.Antrim-Violin Makers -by Michael Costello

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The Last Resting Place of Hugh Gordon ...

Gordon`s Grave

Hugh Gordon Senior 1794-1854 is buried in St.Aidan`s Parish Church of Ireland Cemetery in Glenavy Co.Antrim with his wife Sarah and Infant son William.


Gravestone minus the ivy!

             Inscription on stone  
  Erected by
Sarah Gordon of BallyMcWard
In memory of my beloved Husband Hugh Gordon
who died 3rd April 1854 aged 60 yrs.
Also his son William who died in Infancy.
Also the above named Sarah Gordon
who died 4th Dec.1887 aged 80 yrs.

Epilogue by Hugh
Farewell Bright sun,on me thou smiling gazed,
Blooms in the rose and in the diamond blessed,
Likewise gay stars that I so oft did view,
Sparkles in the heaven like sunbeams on the dew,
Above them all I anchor my firm trust,
As the spirit parts all is turned to dust.
Hugh Gordon 12th August 1843
This poem appeared on the inside back cover of a music manuscript book.(simpson Collection)Tunes dated from 1837-1844.

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